AAPL 188.99 -0.13 (-0.07%)MSFT 128.09 -0.03 (-0.02%)FB 185.32 +0.01 (+0.01%)ZNGA 6.19 -0.01 (-0.16%)NVDA 156.55 +0.3 (+0.19%)WBA 52.27 -0.05 (-0.09%)GOOG 1161.8 -0.53 (-0.05%)PIH 5.82 +0.25 (+4.49%)
AAPL 188.99 -0.13 (-0.07%)MSFT 128.09 -0.03 (-0.02%)FB 185.32 +0.01 (+0.01%)ZNGA 6.19 -0.01 (-0.16%)NVDA 156.55 +0.3 (+0.19%)WBA 52.27 -0.05 (-0.09%)GOOG 1161.8 -0.53 (-0.05%)PIH 5.82 +0.25 (+4.49%)

Dupont Ratios Analysis BAC Quote Bank of Ame

ROE = Net IncomeAverage Total EquityROE = Net IncomePretax IncomeTax Burden  Net IncomePretax IncomeInterest Burden  E B I TRevenueReturn On Sales (ROS)Profit Margin  RevenueAverage Total AssetsAssets TurnoverROA  Average Total AssetsAverage Total EquityEquity Multiplier(Financial Leverage)ROE~=~\underbrace{\dfrac{Net~Income}{Average~Total~Equity}}_{\text{ROE}}~=~\underbrace{\underbrace{\underbrace{\dfrac{Net~Income}{Pretax~Income}}_{\text{Tax~Burden}}~*~\underbrace{\dfrac{Net~Income}{Pretax~Income}}_{\text{Interest Burden}}~*~\underbrace{\dfrac{E~B~I~T}{Revenue}}_{\text{Return~On~Sales~(ROS)}}}_{\text{Profit~Margin}}~*~\underbrace{\dfrac{Revenue}{Average~Total~Assets}}_{\text{Assets~Turnover}}}_{\text{ROA}}~*~\underbrace{\dfrac{Average~Total~Assets}{Average~Total~Equity}}_{\text{Equity~Multiplier(Financial~Leverage)}}

ROE =NI/EBT *EBT/EBIT *EBIT/Revenue *Asset Turnover *Company Equity Multiplier
ROA =Net Profit Margin *Asset Turnover

The company's tax burden is (Net income ÷ Pretax profit). This is the proportion of the company's profits retained after paying income taxes. [NI/EBT]
The company's interest burden is (Pretax income ÷ EBIT). This will be 1.00 for a firm with no debt or financial leverage. [EBT/EBIT]
The company's operating income margin or return on sales (ROS) is (EBIT ÷ Revenue). This is the operating income per dollar of sales. [EBIT/Revenue]
The company's asset turnover (ATO) is (Revenue ÷ Average Total Assets).
The company's equity multiplier is (Average Total Assets ÷ Average Total Equity). This is a measure of financial leverage.

ROE = (Profit margin)*(Asset turnover)*(Equity multiplier) = (Net profit/Sales)*(Sales/Average Total Assets)*(Average Total Assets/Average Equity) = (Net Profit/Equity)
0.1342077649527807 = NaN * NaN * 8.19855344026383

Profitability (measured by profit margin)
Asset efficiency (measured by asset turnover)
Financial leverage (measured by equity multiplier)