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Income Statement

Download GOOG income statement Download GOOG income statement Download GOOG income statement
Earnings Per Share Basic
Net Profit Margin
Earnings Per Share Diluted
Weighted Average Shares Outstanding
Gross Profit
Weighted Average Shares Outstanding (Diluted)
Sales, General and Administrative Expense
Dividend per Share
Operating Income
Gross Margin
Earnings before Tax
Net Income
EBIT Margin
Net Income - Discounted ops
Profit Margin
Preferred Dividends
Free Cash Flow margin
R&D Expenses
Interest Expense
Earnings Before Tax Margin
Consolidated Income
Income Tax Expense
Operating Expenses
Cost of Revenue
Net Income Com
Net Income - Non-Controlling int

income statement is the only one that provides an overview of company sales and net income
The reasoning behind the adjustment, however, is that free cash flow is meant to measure money being spent right now, not transactions that happened in the past. This makes FCF a useful instrument for identifying growing companies with high up-front costs, which may eat into earnings now but have the potential to pay off later.