Trump accuses Democrats of 'holding back' ready-to-be-sent stimulus checks

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Republicans unveiled the HEALS Act on Monday, which calls for another round of direct payments largely similar to those distributed under the terms of the CARES Act.
The payments would be $1,200 per adult for those with adjusted gross incomes of up to $75,000. The threshold for married couples is $150,000 – they are eligible for $2,400 and $500 per dependent.
The benefit phases out entirely for those earning more than $99,000, or $146,500 for heads of household with one child and $198,000 for joint filers without children.
The difference with this round of payments is that there will be no age cap on eligible dependents. While the CARES Act only allowed the additional $500 to be allocated for families with dependent children, now households will be able to claim the additional $500 for dependents of any age.
The administration, Republicans and Democrats have been working on the terms of a potential bill throughout the duration of the week. There is uncertainty over whether they are approaching an agreement even as some items, like the $600 unemployment bump, expire Friday.
It seems unlikely that stimulus checks would be a point of contention between the two parties: Democrats in the House approved a bill in May that also included provisions for another round of $1,200 payments and $1,200 for dependents, as well.