NanoViricides, Inc. (NNVC)

$ 5.145
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Dr. Irach Taraporewala
NYSE American

NanoViricides, Inc. is a development stage company, which engages in the development of nanomedicine drugs against viruses. The company is headquartered in Shelton, Connecticut and currently employs 17 full-time employees. The firm is a development-stage company with several drugs in various stages of development. The firm focuses on its research and clinical programs on specific anti-viral therapeutics. The firm is engaged in the application of nanomedicine technologies to the issues of viral diseases. The firm's nanoviricide technology enables direct attacks at multiple points on a virus particle. In addition, the nanoviricide technology also simultaneously enables attacking the intracellular reproduction of the virus by incorporating one or more active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) within the core of the nanoviricide. The nanoviricide technology is engaged in both attacking extracellular virus thereby breaking the reinfection cycle, and simultaneously disrupting intracellular production of the virus, thereby enabling complete control of a virus infection.